aks - Team

Management Board

Ronald Meißner

Managing Partner
Graduate Bio Engineer
Strategic Development, Marketing, Accounting, Controlling

Simone Walter

Managing Director Human Resources
Project and Quality Management
Diploma in Nursing,
MPH Coach ICO, Mediator

Neustadt office

Marc Themann

Nursing management Business
Examinated health and nurse

Edit Geisweiler
Edith Geisweller

Nursing service management Personnel Examinated health and nurse

Andrea Brucks
Andrea Brucks

Tour planner
Qualified health care worker

Kira Bahrs
Kira Bahrs

Stellvertretende Pflegedienstleitung
Examinierte Gesundheits- und Krankenpflegerin

Ulrike Götting

Medical assistant

Findorff office

Ewelina Zagermann
Ewelina Zagermann

Nursing service management
Examinated health and nursing

Jacqueline Schmalenbruch

Nursing service management staff
certified nurse

Jenny Bredow

Tour planner
Health Care Management Assistant

Nedeljko Tanic
Nedeljko Tanic

Head of Social Service Business
certified health care workers

Matteo Witt

Deployment planning / personnel
Health Care Management Assistant

Julia Celina Vogt

as health care management assistant

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aks Team
Your committed team from
the nursing service aks

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aks Feelgood Manager

Feelgood Manager