Internal reporting office for whistleblower protection

of Pflege-und Sozialdienst aks GmbH

An external service provider has been commissioned for the legally required whistleblower reporting office of Pflege- und Sozialdienst aks GmbH, which is managed by Indorf Consulting, represented by:

Rainer Indorf  / confidential
Indorf Consulting
Bremer Straße 51
D-27299 Langwedel

Landline +49 4235 9919410
Mobil +49 172 2448380

It is also possible to make an anonymous report via the whistleblower portal.

Here is the link to the portal.

The principle of confidentiality and the prohibition of reprisals are at the heart of the protection of whistleblowers under the law. Therefore, please consider open communication with the whistleblowing office. Your information will remain confidential and matters can be clarified more quickly. Your information will always be treated confidentially and your personal data will be protected at all times.


What can be reported?

Incidents in connection with the activities of Pflege- und Sozialdienst aks GmbH that are punishable by law (clear violations of the law) and, in special cases, subject to fines (e.g. danger to life and limb) can be reported. Violations of the law in countries outside the EU are not taken into account.

What cannot be reported?

General complaints, suggestions for improvement, criticism and information on the content of the services offered by Pflege- und Sozialdienst aks GmbH cannot be reported or processed here.

Who is authorized to register?

Employees of Pflege- und Sozialdienst aks GmbH are entitled to make reports.

Both whistleblowers (those who report something) and any suspects/accused persons (until final clarification) enjoy confidentiality.

The procedure has been agreed with the Data Protection Officer. The reporting process is explained in detail in the online portal.

Information and advice

Please describe the incident to be reported as precisely as possible ‍

(what, who, when, frequency). ‍

If you wish to be informed about the results of the investigation, please include this in your report. The whistleblowing office will also be happy to inform and advise you in a personal meeting. Please contact us directly. Please do not make any public postings here or elsewhere.