Furthermore, the sustainable health promotion of our employees is a central point in our company. For this reason, we have concluded a two-year project agreement with IKK gesund plus to promote workplace health promotion. We will start in the summer of 2021. You can find more information about the project in the project film.
Picture: from right to left: Ebru Bulduk (IKK gesund plus), Simone Walter-Meißner (Pflege- und Sozialdienst aks), Sylvia Ruf (IKK gesund plus)

Project film: Presentation of the AKS garden and "kick-off" event for the project launch "Health Promotion" in summer 2021

Gesundheitsförderung bei AKS

After 4 years, the project "You are important - take good care of yourself" was completed and certified. Mrs. Ritter from IKK- Gesundplus came to hand over the certificate and congratulated the nursing and social services on the successful introduction of health promotion. Many measures, such as employee massages, employee breakfast, health courses and screenings are now a fixed component of the nursing and social services, summarised the employees and showed that they were very satisfied.

Company health management at aks

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